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South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Brian Graden for the Comedy Central television network. To be honest i have never watched a full episode.

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South Park have 22 seasons.

It is older than me. South Park realised for the first time at 1997. The creators says that it will be continue ‘till 2019. Wow it is so much time,episode and work.

Trey and Matt create the series and they vocalized them! They really know how to make a good sitcom. Even if i watched part by part still my favorite will be Kenny McCormick. I don’t know why but i found him cute in a way.

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22nd season start showing off in 26 October. With that Trey and Matt gave good news for SP lovers. Danger if you didn’t watched 21 season yet this may have spoilers. You’ve been warned. Last season(season 21), President Garrison narrowly avoided blowing up the world and Tweak thankfully didn’t feel the wrath of North Korea. So far this season, South Park is dealing with increased gun violence, PC Principal and Strong Woman’s PC offspring, and the return of a troubled Mr. Hankey. We will see what will be going to happen.

First time i heard that South Park will be going to give a new start for a new episode amd a season i started to watch from the first episodeand season. I hope that i can catch up in 32nd season. Just in case i admire Trey Parker and Matt Stone. If you questioning me why let me explain. First of all they are makind a 22nd season and they are vocalized their own characters. How can’t i admire to them. I can feel it that this season will be blow your mind so far. Ihope you will enjoy the new season. I will try to catch you guys up. Promise!

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