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What is Small Business Saturday?

small business saturdaySmall Business Saturday represents an American Holiday for shopping purposes. It is usually held during the Sabbath Saturday after the United States Thanksgiving. It is one of the busiest shopping periods in the United States throughout the year.

The Saturday is always the last one in the month of November. Usually, it falls between 24th and 30th of November every year.

Small Business Saturday was discovered by American Express in 2010. The purpose of the establishment is to bring a special boost to Small businesses as well as bring and mortar stores all across the United States.

The day is also an avenue to get the attention of shoppers during the holiday periods usually between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, Small Business Saturday took place on 24th of November.

Since its establishment, it has grown rapidly as a powerful opportunity when it comes to reconnecting with prospective customers as well as boosting sales. However, as the big day approaches, it is essential to make the most of this epoch sales event.


The Twitter hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday has come into existence since early 2010. Since then, it was used as a means of promoting small businesses on any Saturday. It might not necessarily be that Saturday that falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This hashtag is used as a means of highlighting favourite local businesses.

In addition to that, some small businesses have continued to advertise and promote their services running different marketing strategies on the November Small Business Saturday. This, in turn, helps to capitalize on the boost as well as creating online awareness, as most customers are actively shopping for the holiday during these periods.

There you have it! Perhaps few of the things to know about #SmallBusinessSaturday. However, after the holiday season, it is advisable to take stock of the effective strategies and the non-effective ones. Chances are, many of the strategies can be repurposed for use beyond the holiday season. As a result, you can also strengthen the relationship created with customers during the Small Business Saturday.

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