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Avengers 4 Teaser Released

avaengers 4

I am screaming! I am really screaming! Did you heard that! Avangers 4 is here! I am dying from excitement. I am a huge fan of DC and MARVEL.

I whatched almost every single movie they realised. I don’t know why but even i was a little girl I was in love with super heros. Even I want to be one but as you can see I am here. I am here as a little potato. Let me ask you a little question. Do you believe in real life heros? I believe. I know it is stupid but even a human who resqued little kitten it becomes a hero for me.

What do you think? Are you excited for new movie? Like me? I am really want to know what will be going to happen in this movie. They didn’t realised trailer but i can tell that it will be awesome  like the other MARVEL movies. Some of their movies are just legend. They know how to make a action movie.

If you are a super hero movie fan than you will be really happy about new movie. Oh man… I am such a geek. Still i love super hero movies. They were going to realise trailer this monday but because of the football game they didn’t. They realised captain marvels second movie trailer. They will be going to realise new movies trailer in their youtube account.

I just can’t wait. If you didn’t watched AVANGERS series go and watch it immedieatly! If you already watched tell me who is your favorite character? Mine is Iron Man. I can’t stop loving him. He is so cool! I really like his ego, intelligence and actions.

About trailer don’t worry MARVEL decide a new trailer date. IT will be December 7.  You can watch new trailer 7th December at 9.am in MARVEL’s offical Youtube account. Do not miss it! And of course i will be there. I will refresh the page all day long!

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